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The pros and cons of long-term fostering Blog.

With all forms of fostering there are ups and downs. In most cases, the aim of fostering is to return a child to their birth parents or guardians. However, this is not always possible.

In these cases, a child is placed into longer-term foster placements. Long-term foster care is where you can make a lasting impact upon a child’s life. Short-term placements are usually reserved for emergencies. In long-term care, you get to see your hard work pay-off. Under your guardianship they will recover from their past trauma and develop towards adulthood.

However, it is not without its challenges. You will be helping vulnerable children through the most difficult period of their life. In addition to the usual challenges of looking after children.

Foster children may also have specific behaviour issues or mental health issues that can be challenging. Yet through remaining patient, and showing them that you care, you are helping the recovery process.

Team London Fostering.