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How to keep foster children safe online.

Social media is everywhere today. Most children will have social media channels. It is also widely accepted that there is a link between social media and depression.

Social media often presents false narratives. People present themselves as how they want to be seen, obscuring reality. This can make your own life feel inadequate in comparison. Foster children may already have a fragile sense of self-worth and social media can exacerbate that further. There is also a notable lack of role-models foster children can turn to in popular media for inspiration or guidance. Vulnerable children are also more susceptible to online grooming or cyberbullying.

It is important to encourage the children in your care to be aware of the potential risks online. It is vital to open a dialogue about social media, where everyone can share their opinions and concerns. Consider limiting social media usage at certain times of day and setting a wi-fi curfew.

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