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Managing exam stress Blog.

Unfortunately, we all must sit exams. This is a stressful period in every child’s life. However, it can be especially stressful for foster children. Foster children may have had a disruptive educational upbringing and might not have developed healthy revision habits. Also, their sense of self-worth may be invested in their exam results. It is important to stress to them that they will not be defined by their results. Here are a few techniques to help manage exam stress:

•Ensure that they have access to as much examination support and revision respite available to them.

• Help develop a revision timetable to efficiently manage their time.

• Mix it up and experiment with alternative revision methods.

• Take breaks and allow your brain to process what its learnt.

• Don’t stress and try not to put too much pressure upon yourself.

Is your child getting enough sleep?

Foster children may have a range of associated issues that could lead to disrupted sleep. Experts estimate that younger children need 10 to 11 hours of sleep a night and that older children need 8 – 9 hours. A healthy sleep cycle can help develop concentration skills, emotional wellbeing and a healthy immune system.

If your child struggles to sleep encourage them to switch off beforehand. This means no screens before bed! Electronics stimulate the brain and can make it harder to sleep. Also, try to be active during the day and have a consistent bed time.

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