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Dealing with anxiety.

Frequently children are entering foster care frightened, stressed and apprehensive. This can often lead to problems with anxiety. Some of these children will have suffered neglect or abuse and struggle with behavioural problems. This can lead them to be reluctant to accept help.

As a foster carer it is your responsibility to offer efficient and compassionate care. Anxiety is a complicated issue which requires patience. Even the best intentioned foster carers can exacerbate chronic anxiety by attempting to shield the child from the world.

It is important to remember that anxiety is not a condition that is cured but one that is managed. Try not to avoid situations that trigger anxiety but rather try to offer support in those situations and be confident in your outlook.

Respect the way they feel but, do not let their fears take control of their actions. As always, your local authority or fostering agency will be available to offer you support and respite in dealing with anxiety.

Team LondonFostering.