Fostering Teenagers

A significant number of children who need foster carers at present are older children, both girls and boys.

Most of these children will have had difficulties in their relationships at home and may have been the subject of neglect and abuse.

They come from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, including unaccompanied minors, whose first language is not English and whom may need support and help in adjusting to living in a new country.

Although fostering teenagers has its own unique challenges, it can also be incredibly rewarding.

All Fostering Agencies are seeking to recruit foster carers for older children.

There are no particular people who make successful foster carers for teenagers. They include single people, couples, black carers and gay and lesbian carers. 


Before fostering, carers have usually had experience of looking after teenagers, either through raising their own family, or through having contact in other ways, for example through their work. 

As foster carers for teenage children, they also share a genuine enjoyment in working with teenagers and a commitment to promoting their welfare.

Knowing you have helped a teenager overcome their problems and return to their family, or find their feet and make their way in the world, is something you will never forget.