Mother and Baby Fostering

Mother and baby, or parent and child  fostering involves the placement of a parent, mother or father and child who is experiencing difficulties.

This kind of fostering is often an alternative to a mother and baby residential unit. 

A baby's social worker may make the decision for the fostering placement, if the parent needs extra help but doesn't have an extended family. 

There is a growing need for more London fostercarers who are interested in looking after young, most often teenage mothers and their babies.

Foster carers

Foster carers help and encourage the parent to develop their parenting skills. 

The foster carer has an important role observing and recording how the parent looks after the child.

Mother and baby fostering can be complex and challenging and the foster carer requires skills and qualities such as:

  • assertiveness
  • discretion
  • confidence
  • sensitivity
  • 24-hour commitment


Foster carers take part in assessments and encourage young mothers without taking over their parental responsibilities. 

Mother and baby placements are usually for a period of between 12 to 24 weeks.