Disabled children

Caring for children with disabilities can be a very rewarding experience. 

Fostering agencies are looking for ordinary people from all parts of the community who have patience, commitment and a sense of humour to care for disabled children. 

Foster carers must be:

  • interested in helping them reach their full potential
  • be willing to undergo training 
  • if appropriate, to learn related communication or medical skills

Support and ongoing specialist training is provided to fostercarers willing to undertake this often highly rewarding work

Foster carers and disabled children and young people are carefully matched so that both know what to expect.

Carers get to meet the child beforehand and will be carefully assessed to make sure the carer can meet the child's needs.

Children needing foster care include those with:

    • a medical condition
    • physical disabilities
    • learning disabilities such as autism, hyperactivity, attention deficits, or reading difficulties.

They often need:

    • extra special love
    • specialist care and attention
    • to have a downstairs
    • bathroom and bedroom
    • some may need special medication or care routines.